From Where We Are

by Divided Life

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released October 12, 2016

All songs written by Divided Life. All Lyrics written by Kagan Doherty and Patrick Driscoll with the exception of “Bounded” written by Chris Fones. All songs recorded at Bridge East Studio by Jack, Riley, and John Dello. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.



all rights reserved


Divided Life Massachusetts

Hyannis MA
Kagan Doherty-Vocals
Chris Fones-Drums/Vocals
Patrick Driscoll-Guitars/Vocals
Kenny Byron-Bass/Vocals

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Track Name: Mistakes On My Behalf
I let you get too close.
I fuckin knew it to.
I feel bad for you kid,
‘Cause this is it.

Double cross my family,
Lie straight to my phone.
You ruined a good thing man,
Now you’re nothing to me.

Fuck you,
I lost a friend too.
Don’t lie to me now
That I’m miles away
From you, and all your fucking lies
Not cut from the same cloth,
You never belonged here.

Go Home.

You’re nothing but a shit talker
So go ahead and spit in my face
Manipulate me so I’ll see your way
I won’t have it
I won’t have it.
Track Name: From Where We Are
I'll take passion
Over a boring life
And this fire
Will never fuckin die.
My life,
I will live fully
This life,
Won't be wasted.

Well if there's nothing for me now
Then I won't wait for tomorrow's fake

All of the lives
For loving so strongly
Can't help but notice that no one is happy and has no control
Will not be brought
This life is meant to
Anything that cannot be made to break this cycle.

I would die for what I live for.
And I can't let them break me.
I won't forget
What it's like to be young.
That I will never loose this.
I won't forget
That I can make a difference
And I need you with me.
I won't forget
From where we are
Is who we are
I won't forget

No one
Will break me.
Track Name: Cope
I never asked to be this way,
This life I have I did not choose.
I get lost in the pain,
I think too much I never sleep.

I never asked to see this way.
I need some help to see just why,
I can't find what they all found,
A way to kick these dark thoughts out.

Now that the drugs are gone
Life is hard and never stops
To give me a break.
Let me catch my breath and get off of my knees.

And I try to be strong,
But sometimes it's just too much.
I got this weight on my head,
And it makes me want to end it all.

List the things that keep me here;
My pride,
My potential life.
What would I leave behind?
Torn families, and all my friends.

I'm ripped between
Staying alive and giving up
On my dreams.
I need some help to find me.
I need some help to bring me,
Back to my self.

I can't get high to escape
I can't tie this knot.
I can't give up on my dreams
Help me please

So let me apologize, and I will leave you alone.

I wish I didn't wake up.
I wish I didn't wake up.
Track Name: Exclude No One

Hate me
You piece of shit
I refuse to be a part of this
I can't be what you picture me as

I'm not afraid of
All my life this is all I had.
Closed minded
Blatant ignorance
Your kind isn't welcome here.

And all your transphobic shit
Will rot with your body

I will not be apart of
A scene that discriminates
Transphobic trash you don't belong here
Not in my fucking scene.
Track Name: Bounded
She found herself again
Those consequential outcomes left her Longing for an end

Years of confusion left her lost in the hole
Of the everlasting mindset
That leaves her alone

With herself, her ideas, and plenty to lose
She ends the body with the mind and Sleeps away that abuse

Her lover was the culprit
And so was her brain
Fueling both her heart and soul
With this insufferable pain

She thinks to herself,
Ceasing for a thought;
If i’m really not that worth it
Maybe I should stop

She never had to ask
For all those difficult years
It’s something that just happens,
It tends to linger near

There’s no point to feel like such a waste of space
She’ll find what makes her happy and glad to be awake

I am her, so are you and everyone else
That wished for more than just a thought Of being happy with herself

She’ll lose herself
Track Name: Blind Hate
There's no excuse for this
Prejudicial bull shit.
Racism and ignorance,
I won't stand for it.
When a fuckin coward
Abuses their authority
On a man of color
He has proved that we need change.

A fuckin bigot
A slur spitter
I can't the sight of this nonsense.

I have no hope
For a world that's filled with hate.
And a system
That targets certain race.
No tolerance
For these fuckin pigs.
No more silence
We need take control.

You judge a man by the color of his skin
But not the content of his character.
Track Name: Gaslighting
These days are getting longer
And I am getting so sick
Of questioning my sanity
Because of your fucking abuse.
I thought you were somebody else.
I know who you really are.

I see through you.

Narcissistic tendencies
A worthless piece of shit who has nothing
I’m not your fucking slave you can't control me
I hope the guilt eats you from the inside

You’re the reason I don’t feel